Fuck what others say

Hey guys,

This being my first blog, I wanted to write a bit of my journey so far in the lockdown. 

So, before this lockdown shit I was not really a person who would binge watch for hours or even days. But once we had encountered the horrific covid, the predicament actually brought a change in me. 

In the beginning, I used to watch series and movies just out of boredom. But eventually it became my hobby. A hobby this bad that I even mentioned it in my resume lo l. But yeah, I believe it brought out a part of me which I am really proud of. Sounds weird I guess, but actually I started to feel more confident around people. Might be because I started doing something I really liked. 

It changed me.  For few months I was like a completely isolated person sometimes, who used to dodge calls away and avoid hanging out, while some days I was like a party freak and a complete extrovert. Sounds bit odd, but this was who I am. Few days, I used to act as a blogger on Instagram, whilst some days later I deactivated my account lol cause I needed a time off and needed to Focus on myself. 

But as a matter of fact, whatever I behaved like, it made me happy either way because I did what I liked. 

To conclude, it doesn’t matter what you do. But if you like something, do it. Fuck what other people say, you know what’s the best for you and what things bring out your happiness. That’s all for today. Meet you peeps in the next blog. Until then, take care and bubye ❣️

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